Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) and Surety Claims
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        -  Job Cost strategies
        -  Accounting strategies
        -  Re-procurement strategies
        -  Project schedule update and Time Impact Analysis strategies
        -  Proof of loss narratives and entitlement arguments
        -  Staff labor & self performed work losses
        -  Material & Equipment losses
        -  Replacement Subcontractor losses
        -  Professional Consulting & Legal losses
        -  Extended Overhead losses
        -  Acceleration and overtime losses
        -  Interest / Cost of Money losses
        -  Forensic schedule delay analysis to support time related losses

HCLLC's professionals have extensive knowledge and experience with the internal processes and requirements for developing SDI proof of loss claim submissions and maximizing recovery of subcontract default losses. Whether your company has a Subguard® or other Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) program, HCLLC’s experts possess extensive knowledge of each of the insurance carrier’s policies and the equally unique proof of loss processes and requirements. We leverage our knowledge and experience to recover costs and expenses under our client’s SDI policies that are typically left on the table and unrecovered. The proof of loss submissions developed by HCLLC, on our client's behalf, consistently exceed our client’s expectations for recovery.

HCLLC provides the following services to support your company’s needs:

Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) (Subguard)

Surety Performance Bond Defaults & Claims
HC works closely with the surety's claims team and its legal counsel throughout the claim process and offers a broad range of services beginning with the initial investigation analysis and project assessment through surety closeout negotiations or litigation. HC will move quickly to assess, evaluate and recommend options available to the surety, including the principal completion assessment or the project reprocurement services.

The menu of services that we can offer to a troubled project includes the following:
SDI & Surety Claims Services
Subcontractor Default Insurance Expert Witness Testimony
HCLLC is the construction and insurance industry’s most experienced, “qualified” plaintiff's expert witness for SDI arbitrations against insurance carriers and as a litigation expert witness for subrogation litigation and third party litigation defense. Our track record of wins and successes for our clients is unmatched in the industry.

HCLLC provides the following services to support your company’s needs: